An athlete without previous injuries

Ms. C, 26 years old, is a professional long-distance runner without previous history of injury. In the musculoskeletal screening examination, the author found that her right hamstring muscles were tight, her right hip was tilted posteriorly, and she had soreness on the left levator scapulae muscle. The following treatment was planned:

• Systemic approach: needling all 24 homeo-static acu-reflex points

• Symptomatic approach: needling sensitive areas of right hamstring on the biceps femoris, semi-tendinosus, and semimembranosus muscles

After treatment, Ms. C. felt that her right hamstring muscles were more relaxed, hip flexion was improved, and her left levator scapulae muscle was less sensitive.

However, her symptoms returned a few days later. Her history revealed that she had had these problems for the previous 2 years. Weekly treatment and special treatment 3 days before any big event were prescribed. The symptoms gradually subsided during the first 3 months, and after 6 months she felt no symptoms; in her running performance, she was achieving better times than she had 5 years previously.

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