A systemic approach is necessary in dryneedling acupuncture

Clinical observation and evidence-based research reveal that an injury produces both local symptoms and systemic dysfunction, especially in active athletes.7 Systemic dysfunction will continue if treatment is directed only at local symptoms. For example, knee pain can affect how the muscles are used to control the gait of the other leg, the movement of both feet and the hips, the spinal balance from the sacral to the cervical regions, and the functioning of the neck and even the eye muscles. The patient may not consciously realize this chain of dysfunction in their body, but an experienced clinician can easily recognize the interrelationship and identify the systemic dysfunction. The patient's brain, specifically the hypothalamus, will also subconsciously register this systemic dysfunction.

The interrelationship between local pathology and systemic dysfunction is felt in both the central and peripheral nervous system and in the musculoskeletal system. Visceral physiology can be affected as well. For example, a sensitized trigger point on the iliotibial band, related to lower limb dysfunction, will increase the sensitivity of trigger points on the pectoralis major muscle. Both local symptoms and systemic dysfunction should therefore be treated at the same time to achieve restoration of homeostasis. This systemic approach is essential in the treatment of athletes to rehabilitate the current injury as well as to prevent injury in the future.

This systemic chain reaction of local symptoms is registered in the nervous and musculoskele-tal systems, and will affect physiologic homeosta-sis which is regulated by the hypothalamus. The integrative neuromuscular acu-reflex point system (INMARPS) introduced in this book is a way of tracking the degree of both physical and physiological homeostasis, thus providing a map for restoring homeostasis to the system.

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