Gastrointestinal surgery is considered a last resort for those who are severely obese after diet and exercise regimes have failed. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, gastrointestinal surgery alters the digestive process of the stomach, thereby limiting caloric intake (Connor 2002). In the view of many, celebrities are responsible for the recent popularity of the surgery. Randy Jackson (1956-) and Al Roker, for example, are two celebrities who have publicized their success with gastric-bypass surgery. They, along with shrinking stars, have popularized both general familiarity with the surgery and the procedure itself. In essence, the "no-longer-larger-than-life" (Contreras et al. 2002: 58) act as walking billboards for the operation. In 2003, Jackson, a judge on American Idol, underwent the surgery and lost over 100 pounds, and Roker weighed 325 pounds before he underwent gastric-bypass surgery. Roker, in an interview with U.S.A. Today, noted that it is just as difficult to overcome an addiction to food as an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Roker cleverly explained that, "you can stop drinking, you can stop sticking a needle in your arm, [but] you cannot not eat" (Johnson 2004). Therefore, it is impossible to avoid the source of addiction completely.

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