Rebels against body image

Both Queen Latifah and Kate Winslet have been outspoken in their desires to pursue "natural bodies." While Queen Latifah (1970-) is currently thought of as a strong woman—who is proud of and comfortable with her body size and shape—she has not always been that way. In i999, in an interview with Ebony magazine, Queen Latifah admits that it took her years to accept her body image. The article quoted her saying,

People look at me now and think, "Wow, there's a full-sized woman who has it together." Puh-lease! It took me years to get to the point where I love my body . . . I hated my breasts. I hated my butt. I even hated the way I walked . . . And although society tells me I'm too big, what I try to keep in my head are the words from Maya Angelou [in her poem "Phenomenal Woman"].

In May 2004, Queen Latifah was featured on the cover of Glamour magazine, which typically displays thin actresses. In the interview with her, Glamour focused largely on body image. Queen Latifah expressed that she felt satisfied she had been able to portray a different image to young girls who are struggling with their "natural" body types. She has come to represent pro-natural stance on body types, leading a healthy and happy life on her own terms.

Kate Winslet (1975-) is another actress who has often been quoted with championing statements such as, "Obviously I have my fat days and days where I go, 'Oh my God, I've got such floppy boobs and my bum's too big.' But at the same time I would never try to really physically change how I'm built to get more work or different work" (in an interview with U.K. Elle in December 2005). She is recognized by the public as beautiful actress, with a "normal" body, a body that can be attained by a "normal" person. In 2003, Winslet fought back against GQ Magazine, which digitally altered her body on their cover, presenting her as skinnier and taller. In response to the cover, Winslet stated,

I don't want people to think I was a hypocrite and had suddenly gone and lost i4 kilos which is something I would never do, and more importantly don't want to look like that. They made my legs look quite a bit thinner. They also made me look about six feet tall, which I'm not, I'm 5' 6," and you know I have got muscly legs, me and my sisters and my mum are quite proud of our muscly, strong legs and hips and all the rest of it.

Winslet, like Queen Latifah, serves as a role model to young girls in search of body acceptance.

SLG/Jessica Elyse Rissman and Laura K. Goldstein

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