Imes Jackson MoNique 1967 Comedienne and television and movie actress

M o'Nique has established herself as a celebrated role model and advocate for voluptuous women. Mo'Nique has been awarded four NAACP Image awards for her performance as Nikki Parker on the television series The Parkers. From August 2000 until 2002 she had her own line of clothing, Mo'Nique's "Big Beautiful and Loving

It." Her New York Times-bestselling book Skinny Women are Evil also garnered much attention in 2003. The installment of the first-ever "full-figured" beauty pageant/reality television show, Monique's F.A.T. (Fabulous and Thick) aired on the women's television network Oxygen in August 2005. It was the most successful original program in the network's history to that date with 3. 8 million viewers, attesting to the growing demand for fat-positive programming. In addition, Mo'Nique's 2006 film Phat Girlz highlights central themes from her book and commercial endeavors, including ideas that women can be both fat and beautiful; the valuation of skinny bodies is not universal across time and space, but rather the product of a particular fat-hating, diet-obsessed culture; the dieting industry harms women, emotionally and physically; and fat women suffer discrimination, cruelty, and lack of accessibility.

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