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T he Grunberger Diabetes Institute is a place where diabetes patients can receive quality care. Grunberger has also worked at the National Institutes of Health, Wayne State University, and the Detroit Medical Center.

Grunberger is one of the most vocal specialists in diabetes in the U.S.A. Working mainly with adults who have diabetes due to obesity, recently he has commented on the increasing number of adolescents who have diabetes also due to weight. His research is mostly focused on diabetes and its complications, and ranges from the function of insulin to studies on diabetes and how to manage it. His work also reflects the need for a nuanced approach to different ethic groups, such as African-Americans, because of their cultural location. Grunberger is a voice arguing that diabetes in children is increasing at an alarming rate, and he believes this increase is directly linked to obesity. He argues that parents need to start teaching their children to eat more healthily and take on more physical activity. In addition, he stresses the role of society in taking on this issue of obesity by teaching its members to eat better and exercise more frequently.

In 2005, Grunberger became the public advocate for a "quick" cure for obesity and, therefore, for the illnesses associated with it. He championed "FBCx," touted as "an all natural dietary fiber," from ArtJen Complexus Holdings Corp. in Windsor, Ontario, Canada that, to quote the publicity, "has the unique ability to complex and remove nine times its own weight in dietary fat with no side effects. Without changing their diet or lifestyle patients are removing 500 kcal per day from their diets and losing 1-1% pounds per week." FBCx was developed at Wayne State University by two of Grunberger's colleagues. Grunberger conducted the first clinical studies on FBCx and in June 2005 presented his results at the American Diabetes Association annual meeting in San Diego. Joseph Artiss, one of the two inventors, said of his invention, "It's a Fat Binding Complexer, so we called it FBCx. FBCx appears to have effects on some hormones so that while you absorb fewer calories you still have the feeling of fullness or satiety" (PRWeb).

FBCx is the "newest" addition to the "natural food" cure for obesity and all of its attendant ills. It is the ultimate quick fix, parallel to Proctor and Gamble's introduction of "olestra" in 1996. The calorie-free "fat" flopped to no little extent because of the FDA label affixed to any product that used it: "Olestra may cause abdominal cramping and loose stools. Olestra inhibits the absorption of some vitamins and other nutrients." The experience of "anal leakage" was sufficient to cramp this product's general use as a weight-reduction method. Parallel to this was the introduction of Xenical in 1999. It causes about a third of the fat in foods consumed to pass through the digestive system unprocessed, with results similar to Olestra (Shell 2001: 142). Grunberger now argues that FBCx is a positive means to control weight and, therefore, to prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

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