Bulik Cynthia

Bulik is a clinical psychologist with a specialty in eating disorders based at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill where she is William R. and Jeanne H. Jordan Distinguished Professor of Eating Disorders, Director of the UNC Eating Disorders program, and a nutrition professor in the School of Public Health. She is well known for her work involving eating disorders. She has won several awards and has the only endowed professorship in eating disorders in the U.S.A. Bulik has been treating and studying eating disorders for the past twenty-four years. She has created two outpatient and inpatient centers for eating disorders both in the U.S.A. and New Zealand.

Bulik's research has focused on twin and molecular genetics, treatment, epidemiology, and laboratory studies on eating disorders. She recently performed a study on genetics and anorexia, which concluded that 56 percent of anorexia nervosa is determined by genetics. Her study involved assessing a large number of twins in order to figure out how great a role genetics plays in anorexia nervosa. Bulik also found that young people who suffer from anxiety and depression are more likely to suffer from anorexia nervosa later in life.

She has written many scientific papers and books on eating disorders. These include: Eating Disorders: Detection and Treatment and Runaway Eating: The 8-Point Plan to Conquer Adult Food and Weight Obsessions. She also created a CD-ROM called EMPOWER Solution for Healthy Weight Control, as well as an internet program called "Food, Fun and Fitness."

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Breaking Bulimia

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