FIGURE 13-1 Conceptual framework—uses of Dietary Reference Intakes. a Food plus supplements.

to health professionals for assessing and planning diets of individuals and groups and for making judgments about inadequate and excessive intake. However, neither the former RDAs nor the RNIs were ideally suited for many of these purposes (IOM, 1994). The DRIs provide a more complete set of reference values. The transition from using the former RDAs and RNIs to using all of the DRIs appropriately will require time and effort by health professionals and others.

Appropriate uses of each of the new DRIs are described briefly in this chapter and in more detail in a report on the application of the DRIs in assessment (IOM, 2000) and in a forthcoming report on their uses in planning. Included in this chapter are specific applications to the nutrients discussed in this report. Details on how the DRIs are set with reference to specific life stage and gender groups, and the primary criterion that defines adequacy for each of these nutrients are given in Chapters 5 through 10.

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