Dietary Carbohydrate

High carbohydrate (low fat) intakes tend to increase plasma tri-acylglycerol and decrease plasma HDL cholesterol concentrations (Borkman et al., 1991; Brussaard et al., 1982; Marckmann et al., 2000; West et al., 1990; Yost et al., 1998). This effect has been observed especially for increased sugar intake (Mann et al., 1973; Rath et al., 1974; Reiser et al., 1979; Yudkin et al., 1986). Fructose is a better substrate for de novo lipogenesis than glucose or starches (Cohen and Schall, 1988; Reiser and Hallfrisch, 1987), and Parks and Hellerstein (2000) concluded that hypertriacylglycerolemia is more extreme if the carbohydrate content of the diet consists primarily of monosaccharides, particularly fructose.

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