The Format of Assessment

Bearing these issues in mind, the following format is recommended for conducting a CT assessment in which the patient's presenting complaint is chronic depression. The assessment consists of two to three sessions, the first of 90 minutes' duration and the following of 60 minutes each. Clear goals are established for each session, with relevant homework assignments in between; at the end of the process, therapist and patient should have col-laboratively arrived at the following:

• A comprehensive assessment of current symptoms and problems.

• An assessment of current and past risk.

• A shared treatment rationale based on a cognitive formulation of the development and maintenance of current problems.

• A time-line history of illness episodes and their treatment, including inpatient admissions and periods of involuntary detention.

• Detailed account of prescribed medications, concordance with these and treatment response.

• Completion and interpretation of psychometric and idiographic measures

• Problem and target lists.

• A negotiated treatment contract.

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