Suitability and Motivation for Treatment

Before undergoing sequential treatment, patients should already have displayed a satisfactory response to antidepressant drug treatment. They should have been treated for at least 3 months with drug treatment and no longer present with depressed mood. During pharmacological treatment and clinical management, however, it is essential to introduce the subsequent part of treatment.

A helpful way to introduce the sequential approach (Fava et al., 1998) follows:

"When we first saw you, you were very depressed. You went off the road. We gave you antidepressant drugs, and these put you back on the road. Things are much better now. However, if you keep on driving the way you did, sooner or later, you will go off the road again."

This example highlights the need for lifestyle modification and introduces a sense of control in the patient relative to his/her depressive illness. This psychological preparation paves the way for subsequent psychotherapeutic approaches.

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