Review Of Efficacy Research

A therapist can practice LGB-affirmative CT by understanding the different developmental experiences of LGB patients from the dominant culture, by considering the negative impact of negative societal views on the belief system of the patient, by attending to his/her own biases or lack of knowledge, and by being willing to help the patient do concrete problem solving about negotiating through a world in which one is marginalized. No randomized clinical trials of CT for depression have focused primarily on an LGB population. It is probable that LGB individuals have participated in such clinical trials, but sexual orientation was not considered as a demographic variable, and data that could inform the treatment in regard to sexual orientation of the patient were not gathered. Anecdotally, as a research therapist working in randomized clinical trials, I have firsthand knowledge that LGB individuals were research participants. The next step is actually to collect and evaluate relevant data on a sufficient sample. The simplest way to do this is to include sexual orientation as a demographic variable in predicting outcome following standard CT for depression. If sexual orientation differences are associated with differences in treatment outcome, the next step is to determine whether the modifications suggested by LGB-affirmative practitioners do indeed improve CT with this population.

Letting Go, Moving On

Letting Go, Moving On

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