Review Of Efficacy Research Heart Disease

ENRICHD was a large, multicenter, randomized trial of treatment for depression and low perceived social support after acute MI. Participants were randomly assigned to receive up to 6 months of individual CT or usual care. The CT protocol has been described elsewhere (ENRICHD Investigators, 2001). Patients who were either severely depressed or nonresponsive to CT were also given sertraline. There were statistically significant but modest between-group differences in depression and social support at 6 months. There was no difference in the primary medical endpoint, reinfarction-free survival (Berkman et al., 2003).

A few small studies have tested cognitive-behavioral interventions for depression in cardiac patients. In an uncontrolled trial, Carney et al. (2000) treated depressed outpatients with stable CHD with up to 16 sessions of individual CT. In patients who were mildly depressed, BDI scores dropped from 15 ± 4 to 5 ± 4; in severely depressed patients, the scores dropped from 28 ± 7 to 10 ± 7. Other trials are in progress, including studies at our center of CT for depression after heart surgery and for depression in patients with CHF.

Letting Go, Moving On

Letting Go, Moving On

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