McMaster Structured Interview for Family Functioning

The McMaster Structured Interview for Family Functioning (McSIFF; Bishop, Epstein, Keitner, Miller, & Zlotnick, 1980) is a 90-minute structured interview designed to assess the areas of family functioning in the McMaster model. Clinicians may choose to use this interview (or parts of it) to make sure that they are conducting a comprehensive assessment of family functioning. For example, the interview includes a broad list of family responsibilities (e.g., housecleaning, shopping, preparing meals, child care, providing money) that can be used to understand the basic roles assumed by each family member, as well as whether there is any conflict about those roles.

If a more quantitative assessment is desired, the McSIFF can be scored using the McMaster Clinical Rating System (MCRS; Miller et al., 1994). The MCRS, a 7-item rating scale, includes ratings of each of the six dimensions of the McMaster model, as well as an overall global functioning score. The MCRS has been shown to have good psychometric properties (Hayden et al., 1998; Miller et al., 1994).

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