Family Assessment Device

The Family Assessment Device (FAD) is a 60-item self-report questionnaire, with subscales that assess the areas of family functioning outlined in the McMaster model: Problem Solving, Communication, Roles, Behavior Control, Affective Responsiveness, and Affective Involvement. Problem solving refers to a family's ability to solve both instrumental and affective problems. Communication refers to the ability of the family to communicate clearly and directly, and to understand each other. Roles refers to a family's ability to adequately and appropriately complete necessary family functions, including provision of resources (e.g., food, money), completion of household chores, nurturance and support, sexual gratification of a couple, life skills development (e.g., attending school or work), and systems management and maintenance (e.g., leadership and decision making). Behavior Control refers to standard patterns of behavior and rules for behavior within a family. Affective Responsiveness refers to family members' abilities to respond to events or situations with appropriate quality and quantity of feelings. Affective involvement refers to whether family members demonstrate interest in and value the interests or activities of other members of the family. The FAD has good psychometric properties and cutoff scores that discriminate between families rated as healthy and dysfunctional by experts (Miller, Epstein, Bishop, & Keitner, 1985). There is some evidence to demonstrate its reliability and predictive validity in U.S. studies that included multiracial or multiethnic populations (e.g., Corcoran, 2001).

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