Disseminating Information to Patients

A patient seeking services has the right to know his/her diagnosis. Careful dissemination of evaluation results may help both to structure the beginning of the therapeutic alliance and to provide relief to the patient regarding unanswered questions. Sharing evaluation results and diagnoses in a thoughtful manner is essential and may instill hope in the therapeutic process. Patient education regarding the disorder and its implications, chronicity, and treatability, as well as the treatment plan and patient participation is extremely important (Freeman & Fusco, 2005). The patient must be told that PDs, like most other disorders, may not always be cured; however, PDs can be treated to help the individual to live a healthier, more adaptive, and fulfilling life. Finally, it is imperative to emphasize that appropriate patient participation is the key ingredient in therapeutic success. Once the patient understands his/her diagnosis, the work begins with treatment planning and identification of specific interventions to help the patient develop the skills to live effectively with the diagnosed PD. The contract for the working alliance can then be negotiated.

Letting Go, Moving On

Letting Go, Moving On

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