Treatment of secondary caries

Restoration replacement has been invariably deemed as the sequela of clinically diagnosed secondary caries. Although practitioners are suggested should pay attention to the differentiation between secondary caries and discoloration, defective margin and residual caries, generally, a localized surface defect adjacent to restoration features clinically diagnosed secondary carious lesion [Mjor, 2005]. However, Some dental teaching programs related to localized defects on restorations including secondary caries , indicate that repair, rather than replacement, of the restoration is adopted frequently as an alternative to total replacement [Mjor and Gordan, 2002; Blum et al., 2002; Blum et al., 2003; Gordan et al., 2003]. Moreover, the modern conservative dentistry and minimal intervention dentistry call for repairing and refurbishing any localized defects at restoration margins, clinically diagnosed secondary caries rather than total replacement of restoration [Ericson et al., 2003]. Despite of the difficulties of detection and diagnosis of secondary caries, dentists should be trained and should be deliberate in making the decision of total replacement of restoration.

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