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Preventive measures that do not require patient compliance would seem to make more sense for the typical orthodontic patient population of adolescents. For some patients, professional fluoride varnish application by orthodontic auxiliaries at routine appointments can in part address this compliance issue (Vivaldi-Rodrigues et al., 2006). On the other hand, each application requires over five minutes of chair-time, and whether or not today's high efficiency/high volume orthodontic practice will devote the time and resources to apply this protocol is debatable. Generally however, fluoride varnishes have a proven track record in caries reduction when applied properly. Vanish (3M/Omni) is a very popular 5% NaF white varnish used for prevention of dental caries. The manufacturer advertises the ease of use, lack of an unesthetic yellow color found in other varnishes, enhanced flow characteristics, and its fluoride delivery of 22,600 ppm. Its name comes from an alleged ability to disappear after application. Data gathered by the manufacturer declare greater fluoride release over a 48-hour period in comparison to other fluoride products. To date, Vanish in particular has not been tested in any of the in-vitro or in-vivo trials in the literature.

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