Effects of ELM and ES on sucrosedependent cell adhesion on smooth surfaces

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The inhibitory effect of ELM on sucrose-dependent adherence of cells onto the surface of glass test tubes was examined using growing cells of S. sobrinus 6715. Fig. 8A shows that cells adhered to the surface of glass test tubes after incubation. The cells grew well and adhered to the glass surface of the control (no phytochemical), ELM, ES and oolong. However, cells and glucan did not adhere to the glass surface of blank test tubes (sucrose-free). Fig. 8B shows the conditions of test tubes in which the reaction mixture was removed by pipetting, and then washed gently with distilled water. As shown clearly in Fig. 8B, cell adhesion was very strong in control test tubes, but was feeble in ELM, ES and oolong tubes; cells were removed by washing. The results demonstrate that ELM and ES inhibit the adhesion of cells to the glass surface. Adhered cells that remained on the surface of glass test tubes after washing were suspended with 1 N NaOH and absorbance measured at 550 nm (Fig. 9). The cell number was 60% for ELM and 21% for ES compared with that of the control.

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