This book is dedicated to my geometry teacher, Mr. Abraham Goodman, who taught at New Utrecht High School in Brooklyn, NY, and who in 1954 first introduced me to the joy of discovery and creativity.

This book is also dedicated to many of my former students, residents, and postdoctoral associates who helped this joy grow into a passion. Some of these include John Adair M.D.; Jeff Anderson Ph.D.; Anna Barrett M.D.; David Beversdorf M.D.; Lee Blonder Ph.D.; Dawn Bowers Ph.D.; David Burks M.D.; Charles Butter Ph.D.; Anjan Chatterjee M.D.; Jean Cibula M.D.; Cindy Cimino Ph.D.; Timothy W. Conway Ph.D.; H. Branch Coslett M.D.; Greg Crucian Ph.D.; Steve DeKosky M.D.; Todd Feinberg M.D.; Eileen Fennell Ph.D.; Glen Finney M.D.; David FitzGerald M.D.; Shep Fleet M.D.; Paul Foster Ph.D.; Shawna Freshwater Ph.D.; David Geldmacher M.D.; Georges Ghacibeh M.D.; Robin Gilmore M.D.; Mike Gold M.D.; Leslie Gonzalez-Rothi Ph.D.; Margaret Greenwald Ph.D.; Brenda Hanna-Pladdy Ph.D.; John Hughes M.D.; Dan Jacobs M.D.; Yong Jeong M.D.; Jocelyn Keillor Ph.D.; Manho Kim M.D.; Drew Kirk M.D.; Mathew Kodsi M.D.; Carol Kooistra M.D.; Lisa Lu Ph.D.; Linda Mack Ph.D.; Lynn M. Maher Ph.D.; Victor Mark M.D.; David McFarling M.D.; Kim Meador M.D.; Mark Mennemeier Ph.D.; Jose Merino M.D.; Jeannine Mielke Ph.D.; Bayard Miller M.D.; Tomoyuki Mizuno M.D.; Mary Morris Ph.D.; Maria Mozaz Ph.D.; Duk Na M.D.; Steve Nadeau M.D.; Cindy Ochipa Ph.D.; Michael Okun M.D.; Steve Rapcsak M.D.; Stacie Raymer Ph.D.; Robert Rhodes; Alonoso Riestra M.D.; David Roeltgen M.D.; Heidi Roth M.D.; Ron Schwartz M.D.; Steve Sevush M.D.; Paul Shelton M.D.; Brian Shenal Ph.D.; Joel Shenker M.D.; Jeff Shuren M.D.; Beth Slomine Ph.D.; Lynn Speedie Ph.D.; Reva Tankle Ph.D.; Rudolf Taubner M.D.; H. Gerry Taylor Ph.D.; Jack Tsao M.D.; Daniel M. Tucker M.D.; Thomas Van den Abell Ph.D.; Mieke Verfaellie Ph.D.; Kytja Voeller M.D.; Robert T. Watson M.D.; Eli Wertman M.D.; David J. Williamson Ph.D.; and Kyle Womack M.D.

Brain Games

Brain Games

A Fantastic Treasury of Mind Bending Puzzles, Games, and Experiments for All the Family. If you are one of those people who takes great pleasure in playing games, and also happens to be extremely competitive, you know how frustrating it can be to fail at solving a game or puzzle.

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