Further Reading

• Altmann, G.T.M. (1997). The ascent of Babel: An exploration of language, mind, and understanding. Oxford: Oxford

University Press. This book provides a fascinating account of the role played by language in our lives. It is written in an accessible way.

• Garrod, S., & Pickering, M.J. (1999). Language processing. Hove, UK: Psychology Press. Several chapters in this book provide good accounts of areas covered in this chapter. For example, contemporary theoretical approaches to sentence processing are discussed in detail in Chapters 5 and 7.

• Graesser, A.C., Millis, R.A., & Zwaan, R.A. (1997). Discourse comprehension. Annual Review of Psychology, 48,

163-189. There is a detailed account of the main processes involved in discourse comprehension in this paper.

• McKoon, G., & Ratcliff, R. (1998). Memory-based language processing: Psycholinguistic research in the 1990s.

Annual Review of Psychology, 49, 25-42. This paper is especially strong on the similarities and differences between research studies on sentence processing and on discourse processing.

• Zwaan, R.A., & Radvansky, G.A. (1998). Situation models in language comprehension and memory. Psychological

Bulletin, 123, 162-185. Some interesting new theoretical ideas on discourse comprehension are presented in this article.

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