Further Reading

• Baddeley, A. (1997). Human memory: Theory and practice (revised edition). Hove, UK: Psychology Press. As with

Alan Baddeley's other books, this one is very well written and comprehensive in scope.

• Groegar, J.A. (1997). Memory and remembering: Everyday memory incontext. Harlow, Essex: Addison Wesley

Longman. This book provides a good introduction to most of the topics discussed in this chapter.

• Haberlandt, K. (1999). Human memory: Exploration and application. Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon. There is up-to-

date coverage of many of the topics discussed to this chapter.

• Miyake, A., & Shah, P. (1999). Models of working memory: Mechanisms of active maintenance and executive control.

New York: Cambridge University Press. Various approaches to working memory are discussed by leading theorists in this state-of-the-art book.

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Business Correspondence

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