Further Reading

• Churchland, P.S., & Sejnowski, T.J. (1992). The computational brain. Cambridge MA: MIT Press. Chapter 4 of this book provides a fuller context to the issues of representation in connectionist systems.

• Kosslyn, S.M. (1994). Image & brain: The resolution of the imagery debate. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. This is a very readable summary to Kosslyn's research over the years.

• Richardson, J.T.E. (1999). Imagery. Hove, UK: Psychology Press. This book gives a more detailed account than we have been able to do here on the psychology of imagery.

• Squire, L.R., & Kosslyn, S.M. (1999), Findings and current opinion in cognitive neuroscience. Cambridge, MA: MIT

Press. This provides an up-to-date more general overview on developments in neuroscience of relevance to the contents of this chapter.

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