Further Reading

• Estes, W.K. (1996). Classification and cognition. Oxford: Oxford University Press. This book gives a good account of exemplar-based approaches to categorisation, as well as the other theories.

• Fodor, J.A. (1998). Concepts: Where cognitive science went wrong. Oxford: Oxford University Press. This book gives a philosophically motivated critique of much of what has been reviewed in this chapter.

• Lamberts, K., & Shanks, D. (Eds.) (1997). Knowledge, concepts and categories. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. This book is a recent collection of articles on prominent areas in concept research.

• McLeod, P., Plunkett, K., & Rolls, E.T. (1998). Introduction to connectionist modelling of cognitive processes.

Oxford: Oxford University Press. This book provides a very good introduction to various aspects of connectionist modelling, some of which are relevant to theories of categorisation.

• Van Mechelen, I., Hampton, J., Michalski, R.S., & Theuns, P. (Eds.) (1993). Concepts and categories. London:

Academic Press. This book has a good selection of chapters on key topics.

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