Further Reading

• Gilhooly, K.J. (1996). Thinking: Directed, undirected and creative (3rd Edn). London: Academic Press. This book provides more detail on some of the research covered here and explores other areas too.

• Gorman, M.E. (1992). Simulating science: Heuristic, mental models and technoscientific thinking. Bloomington, IN:

Indiana University press. This volume is a good source on scientific discovery and hypothesis testing.

• Holyoak, K.J., Gentner, D., & Kokinov, B. (Eds.) (2000). Analogy: A cognitive science perspective. Cambridge, MA:

MIT Press. This book is the most up-to-date treatment of the main work being done on analogy.

• Ward, T.B., Smith, S.M., & Finke, R.A. (1995). The creative cognition approach. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. This book is a good account of a very interesting practical and empirically testable approach to creativity.

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