Further Reading

• Ellis, R., & Humphreys, G. (1999). Connectionist psychology: A text with readings. Hove, UK: Psychology Press.

There is an interesting discussion of connectionist approaches to various disorders of visual perception in Chapter 8 of this book.

• Gazzaniga, M.S., Ivry, R.B., & Mangun, G.R. (1998). Cognitive neuroscience: The biology of the mind. New York:

W.W.Norton & Co. Chapter 5 of this book deals at length with neuroimaging and neuropsychological evidence relating to object recognition.

• Kehler, S., & Moscovitch, M. (1997). Unconscious visual processing in neuropsychological syndromes: A survey of the literature and evaluation of models of consciousness. In M.D.Rugg (Ed.), Cognitive neuroscience. Hove, UK: Psychology Press. This chapter contains interesting accounts of some of the major types of perceptual problems resulting from brain injury.

• Wilson, R.A., & Keil, F. (1999), The MIT encyclopaedia of the cognitive sciences. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Several chapters in this up-to-date book are devoted to aspects of visual perception, including object recognition.

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