Further Reading

• Bruce, V., Green, P.R., & Georgeson, M.A. (1996). Visual perception: Physiology, psychology, and ecology (3rd

Ed.). Hove, UK: Psychology Press. Several chapters of this book are of relevance. However, Chapter 17, with its excellent discussion of direct and indirect theories of perception, is of special value.

• Gazzaniga, M.S., Ivry, R.B., & Mangun G.R. (1998). Cognitive neuroscience: The biology of the mind. New York:

W.W.Norton. There is clear coverage of some of the issues discussed here in Chapter 5 of this book.

• Goldstein, E.B. (1996). Sensation and perception (4th Ed.). New York: Brooks/Cole. There is good basic coverage of movement perception in Chapter 7 of this textbook.

• Milner, A.D., & Goodale, M.A. (1995). The visual brain in action. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Various theoretically exciting views on visual perception and action are discussed at length in this innovative book.

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