Figure 131

Mean ratio of context-related adjectives of adjectives plus nouns in speeded vs. unspeeded conditions and shared vs. non-shared-context conditions. Adapted from Horton and Keysar (1996).

Conversational turns

Factors determining who talks when were considered by Brennan (1990). One common way inwhich the conversation moves from one speakerto another is by means of an adjacency pair, inwhich what the first speaker says provides a stronginvitation to the listener to take up the conversation; a question followed by an answer is avery common example of an adjacency pair.If the first speaker completes what he or sheintended to say without producing the first part ofan adjacency pair, then the next turn goes to thelistener who speaks first. If none of the listenersspeaks, then the first speaker is free to continuewith another turn

(known technically as a turn-constructional unit).

Business Correspondence

Business Correspondence

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