Cognitive Psychology As A Science

In the years leading up to the millennium, people made increased efforts to understand each other and their own inner, mental space. This concern was marked with a tidal wave of research in the field of cognitive psychology, and by the emergence of cognitive science as a unified programme for studying the mind.

In the popular media, there are numerous books, films, and television programmes on the more accessible aspects of cognitive research. In scientific circles, cognitive psychology is currently a thriving area, dealing with a bewildering diversity of phenomena, including topics like attention, perception, learning, memory, language, emotion, concept formation, and thinking.

In spite of its diversity, cognitive psychology is unified by a common approach based on an analogy between the mind and the digital computer; this is the information-processing approach. This approach is the dominant paradigm or theoretical orientation (Kuhn, 1970) within cognitive psychology, and has been for some decades.

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