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Lift Weights Faster is an interesting weight loss and fitness program that focuses on enjoyability. It works on the belief that if each of your workout session is kept fresh and enjoyable, you wont have any problem with motivation. This effect then leads to consistency; which then leads to fat burning and increased fitness results. Jens exercise program upends the traditional notion that you should do long, drawn out, exercise routinescardio one day, weight training the nextin order to get the best results. She combines it all in condensed, short workouts of 10, 20 and 30 minutes. The program consists of 130 workouts and 225 different exercises that will keep you pretty busy. Jens exercise training program is available online and contains easy to understand instructions so its really easy to follow along. Lift Weights Faster is built upon a scientifically sound fitness principle (i.e. lifting weights faster via timed workout regimens) while offering a lot of flexibility. Its just not a program for everyone. The best course of action in these cases is always to look at your current situation and see if its a fit for the requirements of this program. Read more...

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Module 2 Days 1 3 and

Because you are now stronger and these exercises should be getting easier, in Module 2 you will increase your number of circuits from one to two. I also double your total time spent doing the entire routine from 10 minutes to 20 minutes to give you time to complete both circuits. Again, you will be working on a 1 2 ratio of 20 seconds of work to 40 seconds of active rest. Total time spent weekly on the circuit training and cardio will continue to be 60 minutes per day, for a total of 180 minutes of the 260 total per week in Module 2.

Module 3 Days 1 and

Because you are getting stronger as the weeks pass and the exercises should be getting easier, in Module 3 I decrease your number of days to 2 per week but increase your workout to three circuits of 10 reps each. I also increase your total time spent doing this exercise routine from 20 minutes to 30 minutes to give you time to complete all three circuits. You Total time spent weekly on the circuit training and cardio will continue to be 60 minutes per day, coming to a total of 120 minutes of the 200 minutes per week in Module 3.

Module 1 Days 1 3 and 5

On any given day, you should do either the gym program or the home dumbbell program. You are not required to do both. For those who do not belong to a gym, the dumbbell program will be the only option. But either workout will give you the benefits of circuit training and will work the same muscle groups.

Hormones Used in Dieting

Thyroid hormones, and human growth hormones (hGHs). Understanding the way hormones work is imperative to understanding how they give athletes an edge in body shaping and athletic performance. While these hormones are commonly found in the human body at a regulated level, athletes exploit normal hormonal effects by taking artificially produced hormones and, thereby, greatly increasing the amount of hormones in the body. It is at this point that hormones begin to change the physical composition of the body.

Module 1 Days 1 3 and

On days 1,3, and 5 you will do 10 minutes a day of circuit training alternating between the upper and lower body. You can do this The reason for this is a mechanism known as excess postexercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). People always knew that steady-state cardiovascular exercise burned fat. But based on my experience in helping professional boxers lose weight, I have found that circuit training can have the same effect. The EPOC effect helps you lose tremendous amounts of weight but still stay strong because you are in a hypermetabolic state. The effect on the muscles caused by circuit training increases your ability to efficiently metabolize the foods you eat, especially carbohydrates. When you combine exercise training with a 25 percent balanced energy reduction in your diet, which is what we are doing in this program, you get a heightened metabolic rate. A study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise, structured along the exact...

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

Furthermore, the stigma of anorexia as untreatable may have something to do with misdiagnoses. Many patients labeled anorexic may, in fact, be suffering from OCD and are, as a result, often treated incorrectly, likely to no avail. Cases such as Anthony's further overlap with body dysmorphic disorder, which is related to a question asked above Is there a link between modern society's obsession with fat and the perfect body and such obsessive compulsive (or body dysmorphic) tendencies. Today, body dysmorphic disorder has reappeared as a conventional means of labeling men's obesity as a problem of obsession in the clinical sense an OCD rather than a failure of will (Gilman 2004 228). In conclusion, OCD and its relationship with dieting and the pursuit of the perfect body has many unanswered questions, largely due to the gray areas and overlaps (with other mental illnesses) associated with it and, therefore, a great deal of additional research is necessary.

Why do you think obese women are at greater risk of being depressed than obese men

It certainly appears that obese men and women face similar types of discrimination. However, in our society, pressure to have the perfect body is much more intense for women than men. While likely only part of the answer, this may explain the higher rate of depression in obese women as compared to men.

Stress In Sports And Exercise

That is challenging, threatening, or even harmful to the body. With perfect body condition, finishing a marathon is rewarding. With tight hamstring muscles, the same marathon is stressful. The tight muscles may be the consequence of excessive repetitive use, or overtraining, and now they also become stressors. If an athlete with tight hamstring muscles believes that a coming marathon will be a tough challenge, he or she may be comparing it with a previous easily accomplished marathon, understanding that his or her current training was handicapped or not completed because of tight hamstring muscles. If the athlete continues to feel the tight muscles, his or her thinking may evolve into anxiety and fear, which lead to psychologic stress, which in turn can cause homeostatic imbalance of the musculo-skeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive systems. Together, these imbalances manifest as pre-competition anxiety. The physical demands on the working muscles send signals to the...

Alternative Medicine

Other CAM approaches abound as the claim of placing one's own weight in one's own hands recognizes the anxiety about weight gain (or loss) as a sign of a weakness of will, as a highly stigmatized form of mental illness. Andrew Weil (1942-), a popular health guru, also trained as an allopathic physician, writes books dedicated to holistic ways of maintaining the perfect body weight. Weil sees alternative approaches as preventative but also advocates the use of allopathic medicine for treatment of pathologies. In 1994, he created the Program in Integrative Medicine in Tucson, Arizona, which focuses on nutrition, natural medicine, and mind-body interventions (Weil 2004 4).


The nature of athletic competition requires participants to be highly in tune with their bodies. An athlete's success is largely determined by the fitness of his or her body. As long as athletic competition has been around, serious athletes have shared a concern with achieving and maintaining a body type that will allow them to be as successful as possible in their chosen activity. Although the ideal body type is very different for a gymnast or a sumo wrestler, both kinds of athletes put considerable time and effort into the pursuit of the perfect body for their sport. This quest is complicated by rapidly changing but often contradictory theories in sports medicine.

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