Silent hurting heart

Dayna Erickson is 13 years old. One of Daynas brothers died of a brain tumor, and her other brother is in remission from ALL. This poem was published in Bereavement magazine.

"Oh, nothing's wrong," she smiled, grinning from ear to ear The frown that just was on her face just seemed to disappear

But deep down where secrets are kept, the pain began to swell. All the hurt inside of her just seemed to stay and dwell.

All the pain in her heart was too much for her to take. Pretending everything's OK is much too hard to fake.

She'd duck into the bathrooms and hide inside the stalls Because no one could see her tears, behind those dirty walls.

She was sick and tired of losing and things never turning out right. She had no hope left in her. She was ready to give up the fight.

But she wiped away the teardrops, put a smile back on her face, pulled herself together and walked out of that place.

Life went on and things got better. She thought that was a start. But still, no one could see inside her silent hurting heart.

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Confident Kids

Confident Kids

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