Questions to ask about radiation treatment

If radiation has been recommended as a treatment for your child, some questions you can ask the oncologist are:

• Why does my child need radiation?

• What type of radiation does she need?

• What part of his body will be treated with radiation?

• What is the total dose of radiation that she will receive?

• How many treatments of radiation will he get?

• How much experience does this institution have in administering this type of radiation to children?

• How will she be positioned on the table?

• Will any restraints be used?

• Will anesthesia or sedation be needed?

• How long will each treatment take?

• What are the possible short-term and long-term side effects?

• Could this type and dosage of radiation cause cancer later?

• What are the alternatives to radiation?

• Are there any precautionary procedures that should be done prior to radiation therapy (such as moving the ovaries or sperm banking)?

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