Cancervive Back to School Kit. A comprehensive package of materials developed to assist children and adolescents re-entering the school setting. The kit contains a "Teachers Guide for Kids with Cancer" and two award-winning documentary videos: "Emilys Story: Back to School After Cancer" and "Making the Grade: Back to School After Cancer for Teens." http:// Item No. 123. ($79.95) Coping with Childhood Cancer. 28 minutes. Five family portraits covering issues such as guilt, sibling rivalry, divorce, the adopted child, and involvement of other family members in the care of the child. Introduction and closing by Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo). Purchase from: Films for the Humanities and Sciences, PO. Box 2053, Princeton, NJ 08543. (800) 257-5126. Item No. 2519. ($89.95) Financial Management During Crisis. 24 minutes. Healthcare providers, utility and credit companies, and families of seriously ill children tell how to sucessfully manage your insurance, work with creditors, establish a workable budget, and find outside help. Aquarius Healthcare Videos (888) 420-2963, ($140)

Talking about Death with Children. 13 minutes. Dr. Earl Grollman explains what death means, how it happens, and why there is a funeral. Includes a tour of a funeral home. Batesville Management Services (800) 446-2504, ext. 7788. ($99)

No Fears, No Tears. 27 minutes. By Leora Kuttner, PhD. Documentary of eight young children with cancer and their parents learning how to manage the pain of cancer treatment. Distributed by Fanlight Distributors (800) 937-4113, or [email protected].

No Fears, No Tears—13 Years Later By Leora Kuttner, PhD. Thirteen years after learning how to manage their painful cancer treatments, seven survivors of childhood cancer make sense of their early traumatic experiences and demonstrate the power of mind-body pain relief. To order, fax your request to (604) 294-9986 or send email to [email protected].

Mr. Rogers Talks with Parents About Childhood Cancer 47 minutes. Videotapes (2), guidebook, pamphlet. Available at some chapters of the American Cancer Society. (800) 227-2345. First tape consists of interviews with parents about ways to deal with emotions during diagnosis and treatment. Second tape includes sensitive interviews with three bereaved parents.

When a Child Has Cancer: Helping Families Cope. Discusses marriage, siblings, finances, and other topics. Available at some chapters of the American Cancer Society (800) 227-2345.

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