My brothers a legend

To Erin Hall (18 years old), her brother has become a "legend" by surviving childhood cancer.

I'm really proud of my brother Judson for handling everything so well. During those years, there were times when I was jealous of him, not only for the attention he received, but for his courage as well. This little boy was going through so much, and I still cowered at getting my finger pricked. As I look back, I wonder if I would have been able to make it through, not only physically, but emotionally as well.

According to some people, a person needs to be dead in order to be a legend, or to have been famous, or well liked. A legend to me, though, is someone who has accomplished something incredible, enduring many hardships and pains, and still comes out of it smiling.

Judd is a legend to me because he didn't give up in a time that he might have. He is a legend because he survived an illness that many do not. Now I look at him after being in remission for almost five years, and I hope that someday if I am ever faced with a challenge like his, I will have the same strength and courage he had.

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