Medicaid is administered by state governments in the US, with the federal government providing a portion of the entitlement. Rules on eligibility vary, but families with private insurance sometimes are eligible if huge hospital bills are only partially covered. Call your local or county social service department to obtain the number for the Medicaid office in your area. If they tell you that your child is ineligible, ask if the state has an "Aged, Blind, Disabled, Medically Needy" program.

In addition to helping pay some or all hospital bills, Medicaid sometimes also pays transportation and prescription costs. Some states cover children under the age of 21 if they are hospitalized for more than thirty days, regardless of parental income. States are supposed to have Children's Medical Services programs to pay for medical treatment of physically disabled children: these programs allow a higher income level than Medicaid. Ask for a detailed list of benefits available in your state.

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