Loss of control

Parents sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sudden loss of control after their child is diagnosed with a tumor. This is especially true for parents who are used to having a measure of power and authority in the workplace or the home.

My husband had a difficult time after our son was diagnosed. We have a traditional marriage, and he was used to his role as provider and protector for the family. It was hard for him to deal with the fact that he couldn't fix everything.

Parents can regain some control over the situation by learning about their child's disease and its treatments. This knowledge can be used to advocate for their child. They can also gain some control by becoming active participants in their childs treatment. They can ask the doctor what tests and appointments are negotiable. They can have a say in what time clinic appointments are, which days to have tests done, what times to give medications, and more. For further information, see Chapter 6, Forming a Partnership with the Medical Team.

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