Despite feeling concern for the ill brother or sister, almost all siblings also feel jealous. Presents and cards flood in for the sick child, Mom and Dad stay at the hospital with the sick child, and most conversations revolve around the sick child. When the siblings go out to play, the neighbors ask about the sick child. At school, teachers are concerned about the sick child. Is it any wonder that they feel jealous?

The siblings' lives are in turmoil and, being human, they sometimes feel a need to blame someone. It's natural for them to think that if their brother didn't get sick, life would be back to normal.

Our 9-year-old son seemed to be dealing with things so well until one evening as I was tucking him in he confided that he had tried to break his leg at school by jumping out of the swing. He began to cry and told me he doesn't want his brother to be sick anymore; that he needs some attention, too. As parents, we were always so concerned with our sick child that we didn't realize how much our healthy child was suffering, too.

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