Above all else, children need to be able to trust their parents. They can face almost anything, as long as they know that their parents will be at their side. Trust requires honesty. For your ill child and her brothers and sisters to feel secure, they must always know that they can depend on you to tell them the truth, be it good news or bad. This reduces isolation and a sense of disconnection within the family.

We were always very honest. We felt that if she couldn't trust us to tell her the truth how scary that would be. I've seen a few incidents in the clinic of people with totally different styles who don't tell their kids the truth. I ran into the bathroom at the clinic crying after overhearing a mother who had deceived her child into coming to the clinic. Then he found out he needed a back poke and completely lost it. It makes me cringe. Children just have to be prepared. If they can't trust their parents, who can they trust?

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