Back To Life! A Personal Grief Guidebook

Personal Guidebook to Grief Recovery

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The Healing Path. The Compassionate Friends sibling video addresses concerns of surviving siblings, such as sadness, pain, anger, and fear. Video explores eight topics: facing the reality of death, who will listen, changed family life, special days, visiting the cemetery, parental overprotection, feelings and expectations, and looking to the future. For information, call (877) 969-0010 or (630) 990-0010.

Understanding Grief: Kids Helping Kids. 14 minutes. Appropriate for ages 9 to 14. Children who lost a parent or a loved one discuss their feelings. Advice on the four Ts (talk, touch, teach, time) developed by Dr. Earl Grollman. Batesville Management Services: (800) 446-2504, ext. 7788. ($99)

Several videos on grief are available from the Centering Corporation. Go to http://www. and search for "video" to get a complete list of the products available.


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Dealing With Sorrow

Dealing With Sorrow

Within this audio series and guide Dealing With Sorrow you will be learning all about Hypnotherapy For Overcoming Grief, Failure And Sadness Quickly.

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