Free air services


National Office 50 Fullerton Court, Suite 200 Sacramento, CA 95825

(877) 247-5433 (877-AIRLIFE) or (916) 641-7800 http://www.

A national nonprofit charitable organization of over 1,500 private pilots who fly ambulatory patients who cannot afford the cost of travel to medical facilities for diagnosis and treatment.

Air Care Alliance

(888) 260-9707 or (918) 745-0384

A nationwide association of humanitarian flying organizations that provide flights for healthcare, compassion, and community service.

Angel Flight America

Administrative Office 4620 Haygood Road, Suite 1 Virginia Beach, VA 23455 (877) 621-7177

Provides free transportation to medical treatment (travel distance 1,000 miles or less) for people who cannot afford public transportation, or who cannot tolerate it for health reasons.

American Airlines—Miles for Kids in Need

PO. Box 619616

Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport, TX 75261-9616 (817) 963-8118

Provides free travel for ill children and their families. A third party such as a charitable organization, hospital, or other tax-exempt organization must submit travel requests.

Continental Airlines—CAREFORCE

(281) 360-5314

Provides free travel for ill children and one accompanying adult. A third party such as a doctor, social worker, or lawyer must submit requests.

Corporate Angel Network, Inc. (CAN)

Westchester County Airport, Building 1 White Plains, NY 10604 (914) 328-1313 http://www.

A nationwide, nonprofit program designed to give patients with cancer the use of available seats on corporate aircraft to get to and from recognized cancer treatment centers. Patients must be able to walk and travel without life-support systems or medical attention. A child may be accompanied by up to two adults. This service will also fly donors. There is no cost or financial need requirements.

Delta Airlines—SkyWish Program

(703) 836-7112

Helps children and adults with life-threatening illnesses and injuries travel to get the help they need.

Hope Air

Proctor & Gamble Building

4711 Young Street

North York, ON Canada M2N 6K8

(416) 222-6335

An organization that provides free air transport to Canadians in financial need who must travel from their own communities to recognized facilities for medical care.

Mercy Medical Airlift

4620 Haygood Road, Suite 1 Virginia Beach, VA 23455 (888) 675-1405 or (757) 318-9175 http://www.

Dedicated to serving people in situations of compelling human need through the provision of charitable air transportation.

Miracle Flights for Kids

2756 N. Green Valley Parkway, #115 Green Valley, NV 89014-2120 (800) 359-1711 or (702) 261-0494 http://www.

An organization that purchases commercial airline tickets, utilizes private aircraft, and combines resources from individual donors to provides free transportation to medical treatment centers all across America

Northwest Airlines KidCares

(612) 726-4206

Provides air travel to children age 18 and younger who are unable to receive treatment in their home area.

24-hour hot line: (800) 296-1217

Specialists refer callers to the most appropriate, cost-effective charitable or commercial services, including volunteer pilot organizations and special airline transport programs.

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Confident Kids

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