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As soon as possible after diagnosis, call your insurance company and ask who will be handling your claims. Explain that there will be years of bills with frequent hospitalizations, and it would be helpful to always deal with the same person. Insurers may be able to provide a contact person for claim review or special needs. Ask the contact person to answer any questions that you have on benefits. Try to develop a cooperative relationship with your contact person, because he can really make your life easier. Some insurance companies may assign your childs account to a case manager, who will review your childs plan of care in detail and make suggestions designed to make proper use of your policy benefits. Also, your employer may have a benefits person who can operate as a liaison with the insurer.

My employee benefits representative was Bobbi. She was just wonderful. The hospital would send her copies of the bills at the same time as they sent mine. Since I found so many errors, she would hold the bills a week until I called to tell her that they were correct before she paid them. She was very pleasant to deal with.

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