End of Treatment and Beyond

The best formula for longevity: Have a chronic disease, and cure it.

—Oliver Wendell Holmes the last day of treatment is a time for both celebration and fear. Most families are thrilled that the days of pills and procedures have ended, but some fear a future without drugs to keep the disease away. Concerns about relapse are an almost universal parental response, but for the majority of families, the months and years roll by without recurrence of leukemia. Many children and teens quickly return to excellent physical and mental health, while others have lingering or permanent effects from the treatment. This chapter covers the emotional and physical aspects of ending treatment, as well as medical follow-up and possible long-term side effects.

How to Stay Young

How to Stay Young

For centuries, ever since the legendary Ponce de Leon went searching for the elusive Fountain of Youth, people have been looking for ways to slow down the aging process. Medical science has made great strides in keeping people alive longer by preventing and curing disease, and helping people to live healthier lives. Average life expectancy keeps increasing, and most of us can look forward to the chance to live much longer lives than our ancestors.

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