Dosages vary among protocols; however, most are based on your child's weight or body surface area (BSA). BSA is calculated from your childs weight and height and is measured in meters squared (m2). Doses of medications your child is scheduled to receive should be recalculated at the beginning of each new phase of treatment. Recalculating doses more frequently is necessary if your child has experienced significant weight gain or loss (more than 10 percent of initial weight).

My daughter's BSA ranged from .55 to .70 over the course of her treatment. During induction, the protocol required 60 mg/m2 of prednisone on Days 0 to 27. To determine her dose, the doctor calculated .55 X 60 = 33. He then wrote a prescription that she take 33 mg of prednisone a day in three doses of 11 mg each. So I gave her one 10 mg tablet and one 1 mg tablet three times a day.

You do not need to do the calculations, but you need to understand the dosage and how you should give it for each drug. Most families write the dosages on a calendar and cross them out after each has been given to make sure they don't forget a drug.

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