Coping with Procedures

Mommy, I didn't cry but my eyes got bright.

—Four-year-old with ALL

the purpose of this chapter is to prepare both child and parent for several common procedures by providing detailed descriptions of each. Since almost all procedures are repeated frequently during the long treatment for childhood leukemia, it is important to establish a routine that is comfortable for you and your child. The procedure itself may cause discomfort, but a well-prepared, calm child fares far better than a frightened one.

Confident Kids

Confident Kids

Although nobody gets a parenting manual or bible in the delivery room, it is our duty as parents to try to make our kids as well rounded, happy and confident as possible. It is a lot easier to bring up great kids than it is to try and fix problems caused by bad parenting, when our kids have become adults. Our children are all individuals - they are not our property but people in their own right.

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