Concern for sick brother or sister

Children really worry about their sick brother or sister. It is hard for them to watch someone they love be hurt by needles, sickened by medicines, lose weight, and be bald. It is hard to feel so healthy and full of energy when the brother or sister has to stay indoors because of weakness or low blood counts. The siblings may be old enough to know that death is a possibility. There are plenty of reasons for concern.

Christine's younger sister has really developed the nurturing side of her personality as a result of the leukemia. She frequently puts her arm around her sister, comforts her with soothing words or touches, and seems to feel her pain.

I'm the mother of three children. Logan was 19 months old when diagnosed. It was very hard on all of us. Kathryn (51/2 at the time of diagnosis) felt that she had to take so much on herself. She was there with us the entire time Logan was in the hospital. She had a cot right next to Logan's bed, and only she and I were the ones who could take care of "our Logan."

She used to love to visit the other kids on the hospital floor and entertain them. She hated to go home. She would get so involved with the other kids and didn't want to leave them. She actually got very close to two little girls that lost the battle, so here she was at 6, dealing with the loss of two friends.

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