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Hairballs on My Pillow. CARTI. (800) 482-8561 or (501) 664-8573. Interviews children with cancer and their friends about friendship and returning to school. $35 for video and newsletters for students, exercises and activities for students, and a teachers notebook of information about cancer, its treatment, and dealing with returning students.

Mr Rogers Talks About Childhood Cancer. Videotapes (2), guidebook, storybook. 45 minutes. Available free from some local American Cancer Society chapters. (800) 227-2345. Mr. Rogers talks to children and uses characters from the Land of Make Believe to stress the importance of talking about feelings. Operation Sneak-A-Peek. 20 minutes. Helps children feel more comfortable and safe in a hospital environment. Puppets take children on a comforting and humorous tour of the operating and recovery rooms. Aquarius Healthcare Videos (888) 420-2963, http://www. ($99) Plastic Eggs or Something!?. Video with attitude from the Starbright Foundation. Offers insight into and strategies for dealing with hospital life, such as making friends with the hospital staff, dealing with the many boring hours, and finding a little privacy in the hospital. Free to teens with cancer. (310) 442-1560, ext. 10, or Rising to the Challenge: Youngsters Speak Their Truth with Cancer. 15 minutes, Depicts the thoughts and feelings of children with cancer, ages 10 and older. Filmed during a rafting trip. Aquarius Healthcare Videos (888) 420-2963, ($140) Welcome Back. 14 minutes. Produced by the Child Life Department at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. Children with cancer talk about their fears, expectations, and experiences when they go back to school. Explains cancer and dispels myths in terms children understand. Aquarius Healthcare Videos (888) 420-2963. ($112) What Am I—Chopped Liver? Video with attitude from the Starbright Foundation. Helps teens deal with their doctor in a proactive and age-appropriate manner. (310) 442-1560, ext. 10, or Why, Charlie Brown, Why? Tender story of a classmate who develops leukemia. Available as a book or videotape. For video availability, call the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, (800) 955-4572.

You Don't Have to Die: Jason's Story. 27 minutes. Video of Jason Gaes' book, My Book for Kids With Cansur: A Child's Autobiography of Hope. To order, call Ambrose Video Publishing at (800) 526-4663. ($79.95)

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