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Praise for "Childhood Leukemia"

"Of all the many kinds of help we had (and we had lots) the book was the single best gift we received. It was the gift of knowledge, so we could ask intelligent questions about our daughter's care. It was the gift of security, allowing us to foresee much of what was coming, and giving us the tools we needed to cope. And it was the gift of hope, for we could see that many children do, indeed, get through this trying time, and come through the grueling treatment intact."

Mother of a leukemia survivor

"Faced with a diagnosis of a life threatening disease, parents of a newly diagnosed child with leukemia often struggle to understand the facts and explanations of the disease and treatment they face, while at the same time dealing with overwhelming feelings of fear, confusion and isolation. The great value of Nancy Keene's exceptional book is that it puts the facts and explanations into understandable terms while acknowledging and dealing with the emotional aspects as only parents who have had similar experience, can. This combination of science, clinical facts and humanism is a potent weapon for both new and seasoned parents who must travel this demanding path. It is also of enormous value to those of us who try to help parents understand and cope as our professional obligation."

—Mark L. Greenberg, MD, OC, MBChB, FRCP(C) Professor of Pediatrics, University of Toronto Senior Staff Oncologist, Hospital for Sick Children Medical Director, Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario

"Our 7-year-old daughter was diagnosed November, 2000, with ALL. We were immediately given a copy of your book by the hospital. Initially, we were reluctant to open it and face the information inside. However, once we decided to pull our heads from the sand, we have found Childhood Leukemia to be our absolute bible. Not only do we use it for general information, but we rely heavily on this book for reassurance in times of crisis (real or potential). I cannot imagine not having the information so close at hand and so well organized."

—Jocelyn Hillman

Mother of a leukemia patient

"I am a physician in academics and the parent of a child with cancer. One of the paralyzing things about having a child with cancer is how suddenly and unexpectedly your world is turned upside down. It is the hardest and scariest thing I have ever experienced, and reading the advice and wisdom of parents who have made the journey before me was of immeasurable benefit to me.

The toll that pediatric cancer takes on families is unquantified, but includes physical and psychiatric illness in the child and in family members, divorce, and tremendous financial stress. Having a resource for coping with all these hardships is the first step toward putting the world back together, and Nancy Keene's books are the best solution I have found."

—Catherine L. Woodman, MD

Departments of Psychiatry and Family Medicine University of Iowa

"This book is an extraordinary resource. In its pages the reader will find clear, concise, and understandable information about childhood leukemia. And even more powerfully, the reader will "hear" the voices of parents who share their experiences in their own words: what worked, what didn't, what helped, what hurt. Families, friends, and care-givers who use this book will have information and support at their fingertips, and a powerful tool with which to help young people with leukemia get what they need to claim their lives in spite of this disease and the toll it takes."

—Kathy Ruccione, RN, MPH Nursing Administrator

Director, LIFE Program (Long-Term Information, Follow-up and Evaluation)

Co-Director, Health Promotion and Outcomes Program Childrens Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles

"I highly recommend Childhood Leukemia to all families of children with leukemia. It is an immediate help for the newly diagnosed parent and a comprehensive reference for the subsequent years of treatment. This book covers everything—and I mean everything— that a parent needs to know about the issues surrounding treatment for childhood leukemia. It amazes me that for a disease as rare as childhood leukemia, someone as talented a writer as Nancy took the time to write such a complete and useful book."

—Patty Feist

Parent a survivor of ALL Organic chemist

Editor, Pediatric Oncology Resource Center

"What's compelling about Childhood Leukemia: A Guide for Families, Friends, and Caregivers is the amount of useful medical information and practical advice it contains As the mother of a two-time survivor of ALL—yes it can recur, in my daughter's case after a 14-year remission—I can vouch that the road to cure is bumpy, filled with life-threatening complications and requiring aggressive in-hospital care. Keene spells it all out... A valuable resource to help parents and children regain their equilibrium after diagnosis and during the two to three years of treatment."

—Patricia Dane Rogers The Washington Post

"This book is an invaluable reference for children, their family and their health care providers. It provides important information written in ways families can understands. Ms. Keene presents difficult and sometimes troubling information in a sensitive and balanced manner. I highly recommend it for patients, family members and health care providers."

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Children's Hospital Regional Medical Center Seattle, WA

"Childhood Leukemia was and is an invaluable resource for me. I discovered it a few months into my daughter's leukemia journey and have read and reread it. When Katie was first diagnosed I was told mountains of information, but was unable to absorb much of it due to the initial shock of having a child with cancer. Having all that information and much more at my fingertips has been a huge help. Sometimes it helped me just to know what questions to ask. Even now, months after treatment has ended, I continue to refer to the book for information about the different drugs that were used; I also use the book to help other parents who have questions."

Mother of a leukemia survivor

"This is the most comprehensive resource available for parents and caregivers of children diagnosed with leukemia. These families must become immediate experts and Childhood Leukemia: A Guide for Families, Friends & Caregivers presents up-to-date information in understandable language. Parents find the vignettes helpful, comforting and encouraging. We believe so strongly in this book that a copy is given to each family."

—Mary McSherry, ACSW LSW

Social Worker, Division of Oncology The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

"Keene has written a comprehensive handbook to serve as a road map for others, from diagnosis through treatments."

—Library Journal, starred review

First edition was 1 of only 33 books recommended for a core children's medical collection in 1998.

"Finally, a book that truly addresses what is needed, practically and emotionally, to "work" the system for the benefit of the family. No preaching! No proselytizing! No slant towards a personal experience. No nagging feeling that the book has been written by doctors. Rather, my conviction is that this book wrote itself from careful and honest listening to parents, children, siblings, doctors, and others traveling the road that is the experience of cancer in a child."

A Founder of the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation

"Nancy Keene, whose daughter survived childhood leukemia, offers help and support in this comprehensive guide for families, friends, and health care providers of childhood leukemia patients.

Leukemia Society staff and volunteers regularly use this guide as a valuable reference tool. 'This is an excellent guide for living and coping with childhood leukemia,' says Hildy Dillon, Director of the Information Resource Center at the Leukemia Society of America."

Leukemia Society of America

(now the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society)

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