Chemotherapy drugs and their possible side effects

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The following drug information contains not only common and infrequent side effects, but also parent and survivor experiences and suggestions. You may be overwhelmed by reading all of the potential side effects of each drug. Please remember, each child is unique and will handle most drugs without any problems. Most side effects are unpleasant, not serious, and subside when the medication stops. Parent experiences are included to alert new parents to possibilities and provide comfort and suggestions should a child have an unusual side effect. Consult your childs oncologist should any concerns arise from the following information. Appendix D, Books and Online Sites, contains resources for obtaining information on drugs not covered here.

Remember to keep all chemotherapy drugs in a locked cabinet away from children and pets.

If your child likes computer games, you might look at Captain Chemo, a free interactive online game designed by a teenaged cancer patient at the Royal Marsden Hospital in the United Kingdom. Captain Chemo, at captchemo/, has several adventures that young cancer patients often enjoy.

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