This book is truly a collaborative effort; without the help of many, it would simply not exist. My heartfelt thanks to my family and friends who supported and encouraged me while I wrote all three editions of this book. I would especially like to thank my children—Kathryn and Alison—for the joy they bring to my life each day and their patience when I work long hours in my home office. Special thanks to my editor, Linda Lamb, whose creative instinct and gentle guidance shaped this book from its inception; to Carol Wenmoth, Shawnde Paull, and Deanna Blevins for their attention to detail and unfailing good cheer; and to Tim O'Reilly for his belief and support of the Patient-Centered Guides. Special thanks to Tom Dorsaneo for his quick and expert production of the book and to Kristen Throop for designing the lovely new cover. Thank you all for helping to make this a comprehensive, up-to-date resource for those affected by childhood leukemia.

Many well known and respected members of the pediatric oncology community, and professionals in related fields, graciously carved time out of busy schedules to make invaluable suggestions and to ensure that the material contained in this book is factually correct. I especially appreciate the patient and thoughtful answers to my many phone calls and emails. Thank you: Peter C. Adamson, MD; Nancy Bunin, MD; Bruce Camitta MD; William Carroll, MD; Barbara Clark, MD; Lynne Conlon, PhD; Max Coppes, MD, PhD; Connie DiDomenico, CRNP; Debra Ethier, RTT; Patty Feist; Debra Friedman, MD; Daniel Fiduccia, BA; Mark Greenberg, MD; Wendy Hobbie, RN, MSN, PNT; JoAnne Holt, MA; F. Leonard Johnson, MD; Anne Kazak, PhD; Susan J. Leclair, MS, CLS (NCA); Grace Ann Monaco, JD; Mark Newman, MD; Ann Newman, RN; Mary Riecke, pharmacist; Susan Shurin MD; Sheryl Lozowski Sullivan, MPH; Heidi Suni, MSW; and David Unger, MD.

The text of Childhood Leukemia: A Guide for Families, Friends & Caregivers was read by many people of disparate backgrounds, whose comments proved extremely helpful.

Thank you, Belinda Buescher, Wendy Corder Dowhower, Mary Ellen Keene, Patricia Keene, Cynthia Krumme, Christina O'Reilly, Hazel Reed, Donna Santora Vovcsko, Ralene Walls, and the many parents of children with cancer who graciously took time from their families to review and improve this book. In addition, my family of cyber-friends on PED-ONC, ALL-KIDS, and PED-ONC SURVIVORS supplied innumerable suggestions, great stories, and years of both support and fun. Thank you all.

To all of the parents, children with cancer, and their siblings, whose words form the heart and soul of this book, thank you: Brenda Andrews, Robin B., Jan Barber, Barbara Bradley, Jocelyne Brent, Betty Bright, Sue Brooks, Nancy and Ernie Bullard, Michelle Caldwell, Edie Cardwell, Ricky Carroll, Alicia Cauley, Naomi Chesler, Priscilla Cooperman, Cheryl Coutts, Carol Dean, Allison E. Ellis, Lisa N. Ellis, E.B. Engelmann, Dana Erickson, Mel Erickson, Patty Feist-Mack, Tamra Lynn Sparling Fountaine, Alana Freedman, Jenny Gardner, Shirley Enebrad Geller, Roxie Glaze, Melanie Goldish, Susan Goldhaber, Kris H., Lisa Hall, Erin Hall, Daphne Hardcastle, Denise Glassmeyer Hendler, Kathryn G. Havemann, Connie Herron, Douglas L. Herstrom, Connie Higbee-Jones, Honna Janes-Hodder, Ruth Hoffman, Margaret Huhner, Chris Hurley, Cheryl Putnam Jagannathan, Theresa T. Jeniene, Karen and Brian Jordan, Fr. Joseph, Susan Kalika, Winnie Kittiko, C. J. Korenek, Cynthia Krumme, Madeline LaBonte, Joel Layfield, Missy Layfield, Bob Ledner, Pat Lee, Suzanne Lee, Kathryn C. Lim, Julie Macedo, Wies and Julie Matejko, Caitlin McCarthy-King, Deirdre McCarthy-King, Sara McDonnall, Kimberly Mehalick, Wendy Mitchell, Amanda Moodie, Jean Morris, Leslee Morris, Laura Myer, Berendina Norton, M. Clare Paris, Jeff Pasowicz, Donna Phelps, Bev Phipps, Stacy Prince, Mary Riecke, Jennifer M. Rohloff, Maria and William Sansalone, Steve and Shirlene S., Carole Schuette, Donna Schumacher, Judith Mravetz Schumann, Mark W. Schumann, Sharon A. Schuster, Susan Sennett, Lori Shipman, Mark A. Simmons, DDS, Lorrie Simonetti, Cathi Smith, Carl and Diane Snedeker, Marlene Sorota, Anne Spurgeon, Anabel Stehli, Becky Stephan, Kim Stimson, Dawni Summitt, Megan Thomas, Gigi N. Thorsen, Robyn Thurber, Lisa Tignor, Laura Todd-Pierce, Kathleen Tucker, Brigit Tuxen, Annie Walls, Tami Watchurst, Sheri White, Helen Wilder, Jean Wilkerson, Jan Williamson, Catherine Woodman, Amy Wright, Erika Zignego, Ellen Zimmerman, and those who wish to remain anonymous.

Thank you to Mitzi Waltz. Some of the material in Chapter 15, School, was adapted from her book, Pervasive Developmental Disorders: Finding a Diagnosis and Getting Help (O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., 1999).

Despite the inspiration and contributions of so many, any errors, omissions, mis-statements, or flaws in the book are entirely my own.


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Confident Kids

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