Race comparative studies, 340 Racial differences, 339-342, 341

See also African-American children; Asian-American children; Hispanic children

Racial socialization of African Americans,

Rapid eye movement (REM), 370 Rational emotive behavior therapy

(REBT), 20 Reading, 242, 342-344, 344 Rearing practices and aggression, 19 Reasoning process (moral development),

276-277 Recherche (Piaget), 308-309

Reflectivity and impulsivity (cognitive style), 93-94 Reflexes, 344-345 Reform school, 118

Reggio Emilia approach (preschool), 334 Reinforcement, 237-238, 345 Religion, 345

adolescent identity development, 198

African Americans, 16 Hispanic Americans, 190 Relitigation and divorce mediation, 253 Reproductive health, 248 Reproductive technologies, 346

See also Artificial insemination; Surrogate motherhood Research guidelines, 141 Research methods. See Methods of studying children Resiliency, 346-348 Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), 348

Responsibility and aggression, 19 Retention, 348 Rh disease, 348-349 Rh factor, 332-333 Rhesus monkeys, 173, 173 Risk factors adoption, 12-13 computer use, 95-96 resiliency, 346

suicidal adolescents, 397-398 violence, 427-428 Ritalin, 39 Roach, Joe, 79 Roe v. Wade (1973), 2 Romantic relationships and social development, 380 Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 349, 349-350 Rubella, 331, 350 Rural children, 350-351

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